In these seven sermon dialogues, Larry Moeller takes us into conversations between Paul and his contemporaries to provide glimpses into how they fleshed out their faith stories. The words contained in these personal interactions allow us to step back into history. And it is in our stepping back we discover what we can use to step forward in life today.

Claim the Flame is one of those books that manages to blend the contemporary and historical in easy comfort. It’s one of those books that is so easy to read, you can miss the depth of thought and scriptural knowledge Larry Moeller imparts.

Elizabeth Binbrook

Great set of dialogues to use as a sermon series. Whimsical, grounded in faith and grace and action. This read made me smile frequently while I pondered how we might “Fan the Flame of the Holy Spirit within us.

Jim Monkman

Larry Moeller, in addition to writing an engaging and thoughtful read, has demonstrated his great love for his congregation in undertaking a task like this to serve as the centerpiece for his congregation’s anniversary. It is easily adaptable to us in any congregation and does so much more than celebrate the anniversary – it energizes and inspires the community.

Joel Rentz
Despite the author’s disclaimer about this book being full of “whimsy and historical inaccuracies” it is a great read. The reader can almost picture Saint Paul having these kinds of discussions with each of the people he talks. It gives us a lot to think about and consider doing within our own organizations, Highly recommended!
Michael D. Maher